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Hi, welcome to my art blog. This blog is a way to share my artworks with family, friends and anyone else who might enjoy viewing them. All the art on this site was created by me. None of it is for sale. Eventually I will post links to the sites where my professional level art will be available for purchase.

Most of the art posted on this blog were assignments from various art classes I’ve taken over the past few years.  That is why there is a variety of mediums and styles.

I’m still learning and experimenting, so there will be more types of art to come. Hope to do more paintings, just getting started with that medium. If  you have any advice or comments on my art, please contact me. Your thoughts will be appreciated. Thanks.

A work in progress…

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any new artwork.  This is an 11 x 14 inch drawing I’m creating as a gift for a dear friend. I’ve been working on it off and on for almost 2 years now.

Health issues have kept me from creating as much art as I’d hoped. However, despite my lack of energy and impaired ability to concentrate, I’ve recently managed to get this piece much closer to completion. Yea!

Maybe by the end of this year I’ll be able to post the completed drawing…that’s my goal anyway.


Added Art Museum Links


Hi, thanks for stopping by. Recently added links to some of the best art galleries in the world and USA. All of these have art you can view online, though some have more pieces you can see online than others.

I’m planning on adding some links to other peoples art blogs. Still in the process of checking them out. If you have an art blog and would like me to link to it from this blog, please leave me a comment or email me with the web address.

Today I felt kinda weird. Wanted to draw something, but didn’t want to care about making it look good. Just wanted to relax and have fun, kinda like finger painting as a child. So I bought some washable markers at the grocery store and drew a strange picture on sketch paper.

Pretty sure that washable markers will NOT be my medium of choice. The picture looks like something I may have drawn in junior high (or earlier) but decided to post it on here anyway. The drawing is called ‘Strange Mood’ and is in my ‘Other Art’ Gallery page.

Have been working on some other art using prisma color pencils, but it’s not finished yet. Hope to post it soon. Will let you know when it is posted. Thanks again for visiting.


~ Altani Fox


Attempts at Painting

Have never tried painting portraits until recently. In fact, I’ve only painted two portraits so far. Just uploaded them to the ‘Self Portrait’ gallery on my Art Blog. The first self portrait I created last fall and the second one I painted this afternoon. Earlier today, I watched the documentary, The Desert of Forbidden Art.”   After seeing all the wonderful art created by artists who had to hide their paintings from the Soviet government, I suddenly felt inspired to paint.

I don’t own any pointed sable brushes, only squared off bristle brushes. Using my smallest bristle brush, I set up a desktop easel in front of the bedroom mirror and created these paintings. They were painted with acrylic paints on 10 x 16 inch stretched canvases. They’re not terribly good but it’s the best I can do for now.

It’s funny how the expressions are always ones of shock or surprise in the  self-portraits I’ve created using mediums unfamiliar to me.  Hopefully as I become more comfortable using acrylic or oil paints the facial expressions in my self portraits will look more natural and the paintings will resemble me a bit more than these do.

In the Self-Portrait Gallery you can read more information at the bottom of the page about my history with painting pictures of any kind (which is very limited.)

Hopefully the next art posted on here will be better. Both my successes and failures will be uploaded to this site. That way, the good pieces will look even better sitting next to the ‘not so good’ ones 🙂

Thanks for dropping by ~

~ Altani

From the 'Drawings of People' Gallery

 Greetings ~

This is a ‘showing’ of the art I’ve created so far. None of my art is for sale (at least not yet.)  Just added the last two galleries, ‘Animals & Nature’ and ‘Other Art.’ Also added a few more pieces to the ‘Drawings of People’ gallery.

Now I need to concentrate on finishing art projects already in progress and begin creating some other new art. The art I hope to sell, once it’s created, will not be sold on this site. 

Hopefully WordPress will allow me to post links to the sites that will be selling both my husband’s and my artwork. He does Celtic art. Below is an example of his work. He designed the fox, I just painted it on my pencil case.

From the 'Other Art' Gallery

It may be a while before I’m able to post new art on here.  Besides creating works to sell, I will also be creating some art that will never be for sale and those are the pieces that will be posted in this art blog.

From the 'Drawings of People' Gallery

If you like what you see in this blog, don’t forget to sign up so you can be notified when new art is added to the galleries. Thanks for visiting my art blog and hope you’ll come back to see more.

~ Altani

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